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Production of Corporate PR and Sales Promotion Tools

Our multi-language staff can produce essential marketing tools for Japan in various media, including print, web and video. We have a prolific track record in the production of company brochures, annual reports, CSR and environmental reports, sales promotion pamphlets, and materials for exhibitions, seminars, international conferences, and other events. See our online portfolio.

Government Communications Work

LEX was founded as a creative ensemble to support the overseas information activities of Japanese government ministries. Our expertise goes into the production of a wide range of PR materials, including white papers, annual reports, newsletters, investment pamphlets, and the translation of ministerial messages. Our work on overseas PR for Japan's local governments, which has become increasingly international in recent years, has earned wide acclaim. See our online portfolio.

Shaping Corporate Philosophies, Visions, Images, and Brands

Through tie-ups with established specialist companies, LEX is enhancing its services to better meet client needs. We can help you formulate concepts to maximize your corporate brand and message, as well as strategize for your company's optimal creative, career, and human resources development.


LEX's forte is translation, and numerous clients continually rely on us to produce high-quality, nuanced and targeted translations. Our native speakers translate with an emphasis on fine shades of meaning so that your message is conveyed in the most effective way possible.

Publishing and Sales

Through a business tie-up with European Advisory Services (EAS), a Belgium-based consulting company that specializes in consulting on international regulations relating to food and nutritional products, LEX has published and sells the Japanese translation of Marketing Food Supplements, Functional and Fortified Foods in Europe: Legislation and Practice to related Japanese business organizations.

Distribution Service

LEX can consign the storage, management, and transportation of various PR tools that we produce for clients to our partner distribution company. This service has been developed for clients who are concerned about storing printed materials themselves. The advantage of our total distribution system, which covers everything from storage to packaging and wrapping and transportation, is that it offers both efficiency and low cost.


Convention Planning and Management

LEX has more than 20 years of experience in planning and managing events such as international conferences, forums, and exhibitions, providing publicity and interpreting services and publishing related materials. Our outstanding track record in this field extends back to the 1985 Tsukuba International Science and Technology Exposition. See our online portfolio.

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