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Services Involving Conventions, Forums, and Exhibitions

Tsukuba International Science and Technology Exposition (EXPO '85) (1985; Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Fujitsu/Tokyo Gas)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Information service for the foreign press
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Logistical management for meeting of representatives of exhibiting foreign governments
  • Fujitsu: Dispatch of interpreters for foreign visitors to pavilions (English, French, Spanish); translation service during exposition
  • Tokyo Gas: Production of English conversation materials for Gas Pavilion interpreters and conversation instruction

World Youth Summit (1985, 1990; Junior Chamber International Japan) Asia-Pacific Economic Summit (1989, 1990; Junior Chamber International Japan/ Junior Chamber International Yokohama)

  • Planning, secretariat management, production of materials (English logo, press kit, press announcement documents, program, proceedings, etc.)
  • LEX planned and steered the World Youth Summit (1985, 1990; JCI Japan)

G-7 Tokyo Summit (1986; Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

  • Consulting relating to press center management, information service for foreign press
  • LEX provided an information service for the foreign media at the G-7 Tokyo Summit (1986; Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

First Business Summit, Fuji Roundtable (1986; Keizai Koho Center)

  • Production of summit materials, planning and implementation of ladiesf culture course, planning and implementation of dinner entertainment, publicity service
  • LEX planned and organized the ladiesf program and provided PR services at the First Business Summit (1986, Keidanren).

International Conference for f90 (1990) (International conference for university student leaders from Japan, the United States, Europe, and elsewhere, supported by the Economic Planning Agency)

  • Production of materials

Park & Leisure Exhibition (1990; Okasan Livic Co.)

  • Exhibition booth design and panel production

1992 Industry Fair Danish Embassy in Tokyo

  • Exhibition booth planning and panel production

Industry Consultant Event (1992; Hewlett-Packard Japan Ltd.)

  • Management of sales promotion seminar and production of materials

BIO 2004 Annual International Convention/BIO Japan 2005 (2004, 2005; Shizuoka Prefecture)

  • Design of exhibition booth for Japan Pavilion in San Francisco and production of panels, posters, and pamphlets
  • Production of exhibition panels for BIO Japan
  • LEX produced Shizuoka Prefecturefs exhibits for the BIO 2004 Annual International Convention and BIO Japan 2005.

International Workshop on gInternational Perspectives on Dietary Supplement Regulationh (2007; International Alliance of Dietary Food Supplement Associations)

  • Dispatch of simultaneous interpreters, production of workshop materials and reports

Environmental Education Forum to Think About Global Warming: The Polar Bears Are Crying (2007; Pentel Co., Ltd.)

  • Planning, secretariat management, production of PR materials and collection of materials
  • LEX was involved in planning and secretariat management for the Environmental Education Forum to Think About Global Warming: The Polar Bears Are Crying (2007; Pentel. Co., Ltd.).

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